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In Costamed Medical Group we do not believe that geography or distance are obstacle to provide our patients the quality medical services they deserve, that is why the “Telemedicine” program is in effect in all our hospitals, thus  breaks away from the geographical limitation, connecting patients with a variety of specialists throughout the world.    

Supported by the use if telecommunications and the innovation of new technologies, Telemedicine links a teleconference between two or more specialists for the benefit of the patient’s health and thus provide remote health clinic attention. 

The use of telemedicine ranges from scheduled tele-consultations (outpatients and inpatients), multidisciplinary diagnostics integration, interconsultation, management by and treatment from sub-specialists, conducting surgical and epidemiological protocols, support in surgeries- Telemedicine allows making these interactions both in real time (for the most part) or deferred by medical specialists in different places, taking care never to lose the warmth and excellence in their treatment. 

This operation works as a whole: conducted by a specialist who is supported by another on-site doctor previously trained to carry out the required specific physical examinations. In turn, the attending physician carries out the clinical questioning and explains the respective processes, generating patient’s clinical file at the end. This file is shared with the remote specialist bringing the criteria together, making the diagnosis, treatment and assessment that will be applied to patient’s subsequence.

 It is worth recognizing that Costamed Medical Group is pioneer in private Telemedicine attention in the State of Quintana Roo, and the only certified one in the Island of Cozumel

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Principal Benefits

Telemedicine offers many benefits; 

  • Besides overcoming geographical national and international barriers,
  • Avoids transfer costs breaking time and place barriers as it brings specialists closer to the patient, savings costs in patient’s health treatment.

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