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Dr. Luis Roberto Orobio Santiago

Medicine for Urgent Care and Emergencies

  • Area of Expertise : Shock area, ultrasound and urgent care
  • General Practice License : 3419741
  • University attended : “Benito Juárez” Autonomous University of Oaxaca
  • Specialization License : 4768368
  • University attended : University of Guadalajara
  • Board Certification : Board of Urgent care
  • Courses, Workshops, Diplomas, Congresses and Attendances : High-Performance equipment, Hemodialysis Monitor, ACLS 2018, ATLS 2016, PASL 2018, USLS – Basic and Intermediate. Education Postgraduate Course, IMSS, Intermediate and Advanced course in mechanical ventilation, COMMEC difficult airways, COMMEC
  • Costamed Business Agreement : Network Physician available for Promotions and covered services in valid Business Agreements

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