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North America Travel Information. January 2022

24/01/2022 Epidemiology

The passenger must repeat their antigen test 7 days later; if it is negative, the passenger can travel alone with the result of their negative test.

If the test is positive and the patient is without symptoms, the traveler's letter can be issued.

In case of having symptoms, the passenger must remain in isolation for another  7 days (at medical discretion).

In order to travel, the passenger must present at the airport before boarding:

  • A negative antigen test
  • If positive the first positive Antigen test, the second test 7 days after performing the first
  • A travel letter stating that the patient has no symptoms and can travel.

Frequent questions:

What applies to Canadians?: 16 days after the PCR test, the letter can be issued without the need to repeat the test only if the patient is without symptoms and the doctor certifies that the patient was isolated for 15 days, and the passenger has no symptoms and is not contagious. All passengers who are NOT Canadian citizens must be vaccinated; only Canadian citizens can enter the country without vaccination.

If the patient requires the letter before the 7th day of his isolation, can it be issued?: Yes, but it is only proof that they are an asymptomatic patient, but it will not be an official letter, an official letter can only be issued after day 7. Any issued certificate before the 7th day will not be valid at the airport.

Can this letter be issued during the hotel consultation?: Yes, but if it meets the above criteria; your positive test and your negative test (or positive but no symptoms) should be 7 days after the first test.

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